VPS Awning Systems ///

VPS Awning Systems

VPS rectrable pergola system can be used safely 4 seasons. This system is prodcuced according to your dimensions. Profiles are paintable any RAL colours. Please contact our sales team colours of  pergole fabric.

System Characteristics

Ceiling Movements In the opening and closing of the fabric in the ceiling, the patented special design has been improved by using 10-wheel drive system.

Maximum Dimensions (Type 4 feet) Height: 3,000 mm, Width: 4,200 mm, Length: 13,000 mm.

Rainwater drainage Free flow water drainage system

Safety Hidden drainage and power channels

Materials 6063 t5 aluminum, stainless steel

Motor Specifications 24V DC motor (low voltage) additional earthed connection more resistant to electric shocks.

Finishes Qualicoat, Qualideco and Qualanod certified painted, wood-patterned and anodized products are guaranteed for 10 years.